Who We Are

XXX Co., Ltd is a professional manufacture in outdoor product,like tents,sleeping bags,lighting and so on.We have advanced and professional manufacturing equipment,

excellent research and development engineers,the high-quality management and an experienced manufacturing team.

Why Us


High Quality

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In-house Testing

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Comprehensive Range

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Featured Products

We offer you height quality products and professional services!

  • 200 Hand Torch

    Quick Overview200 Hand Torch packs an punch. This rechargeable light fits easily palm of your hand, producing up to 200 lumens that create a distance of up to 175 metres. Carry it in your car, t

  • Zero Lighting with USB

    Quick OverviewThis rechargeable light? fits easily palm of your hand, producing up to 800 lumens that create a distance of up to 300 metres. Carry it in your car, tuck it away in your tent – you

  • 1 Person Module Tent

    Upgrade your camping style . This unique, durable free-standing structure has a fully enclosed tub floor .

  • 6 Person Module Tent

    The Person Tent delivers the balance of durable construction, space and comfort.

  • 3 Person Tent

    This is the perfect weekend getaway tent for couples who want comfort and space to store their gear.

  • Green Sleeping Bag

    Our Adapt sleeping bag is the sleeping bag for OE travellers.

  • Orange Sleeping Bag

    The Sleeping Bag for when you need to be fast. A compact mummy bag, ideal for summer hiking or travel.

  • Red Sleeping Bag

    The Sleeping bag is designed for hikers who want a mix of warmth as well as a roomy fit.


Trusted Partner

xxxxx’s?professional and creative team are always ready to provide visionary technical support in engine cooling?and emission solution design and manufacturing for all clients.

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